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"idem" for Ditto 1.0 connectivity

Pre-Order by contacting DittoLabs directly.   Or   308-672-7060


"idem" for Ditto 1.0 allows each of your Ditto 1.0 units to communicate in realtime and allow users to access a full array of data via the DittoLabs App.  (Highly recommended)   Each Ditto 1.0 unit requres a montly subscription to communicate on the network and in real-time.  (Be sure to purchase the same number of "idem" subscriptions as Ditto 1.0 units purchased)   


If you purchased 15 Ditto 1.0 units, you will also need to purchase 15 idem subscriptions.  

"idem" for Ditto 1.0 connectivity

SKU: idem
Price Options
idem for Ditto 1.0
Required for real-time App connectivity
$3.99every month until canceled
  • Pre-Order by contacting DittoLabs directly.  Or 308-672-7060.

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